Product Design Sprints

Working together with companies in a product design sprint we shortcut the endless debate cycle and compress months of time into 5 days. Instead of launching a minimal viable product, we get great insight from testing a prototype. The sprint allows these companies to build and test nearly any idea in just 5 days.

Minimising Risk

Managing risk is an important part of exploring innovative product ideas. Bilue Labs provides validated learning about new products on a fixed timeline and budget. Taking the guess work out of new product design.

One sprint per month

Technology is moving too fast to only address innovation once or twice a year. We run a design sprint every month for consistent input and output of validated ideas flowing through the company. After all, innovation is not based on the amount of ideas generated, but on the results of those ideas.

Less hacking, more learning

The best way to approach a new idea isn’t to start building it. We firmly believe in proving customer desire in the market as a first step. That is why our focus is not a showcase for the CEO, but a prototype that has been battle-tested with real customers.

Step one: learn

Our monthly goal is to arrive at validated learning as quickly as possible. Taking this approach allows us to pivot when needed because we are not hindered by the rigours of a production environment.

How we work

The product design sprint is made up of three parts: The collaboration workshop, rapid prototyping the chosen idea and testing the concept with users.

Collaboration Workshop

Working with you and a handful of your colleagues. We run through exercises to explore innovative ideas and then converge on the chosen idea for the month.

Increased Staff Engagement

The collaborative workshop provides a opportunity to bring employees to a product design cycle. This also increases ownership of a product or feature from a sprint that comes to their team for a life in production.

Rapid prototyping

This is about designing something real enough to draw-out genuine feedback with customers. We work with fast prototyping tools like keynote to create a proof of concept and not focusing on perfecting the micro interactions of a concept.

Detailed reporting

All of the design, pivoting and learnings are captured in the monthly sprint report. Which also outlines our recommendations for the next phase in this idea’s life cycle.

Backed by Bilue

Bilue Labs sits under the umbrella of Bilue, which provides Bilue Labs with expert development and design resources to carry any project into the hands of customers. Contact us below and let's talk about how a strategic partnership with Bilue Labs can help your company.

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